Press news - take a look at an encyclopaedia of concrete

10. 03. 2010 - take a look at an encyclopaedia of concreteFor Svaz, makers of concrete in the Czech Republic, we created a non-traditional Internet portal . Their goal was to publish basic information about the uses of concrete and its types. The portal is similar to an interactive encyclopaedia focused on this particular building material.

3D conference for Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

09. 03. 2010

3D conference for Clarion Congress Hotel PragueRegarding the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague web presentation, WDF has advanced into the second stage. On 22nd February, the company launched an original browser application which represents a key feature for the client. The core of the application is a panoramic viewer which brings a user experience consisting of a virtual tour in 3D using spheric or cubic photographs with the possibility of a 360 degree view and zooming.

Be Rooting With Us!

25. 01. 2010

Be Rooting With Us!WDF – Web Design Factory has developed an entertainment microsite Naturally, the topic is the approaching Olympic Games held in Vancouver. Experience the Olympic atmosphere through sportspersons´ eyes – four Czech Olympic hopes (Martina Sáblíková, Patrik Eliáš, Lukáš Bauer and Tomáš Kraus) are writing blogs for you, full of observations right from the centre of events.

The Aquila website for the Karlovarské minerální vody (Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters)

05. 01. 2010

The Aquila website for the Karlovarské minerální vody (Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters)WDF – Web Design Factory has created the website for the company Karlovarské minerální vody a.s. (Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters, jsc). The presentation has been launched on December 14 and it is targeted mostly at young girls and women. The content, besides an introduction of the Aquila products, has been divided into 3 main sections – Entertainment, Trends and Sports. A large space has been devoted to the user content in the presentation, in the form of special photo blogs.

New website presentation of Emco

18. 12. 2009

New website presentation of Emco WDF – Web Design Factory has created the website for the Emco, ltd company. The presentation has been launched on December 9 and it presents not only the healthy nutrition products Emco but offers other interesting information and online tools as well, e. g. a breakfast analysis tool.

A Fund for Children in Need Project

05. 11. 2009

A Fund for Children in Need ProjectWDF – Web Design Factory has participated in the “Where should I go” charity project. The website has been developed in a relatively short time and without any professional fee. The website offers the possibility of free download of a song featuring the children from the Klokánek (Kangaroo) Project, among others. The website has been developed with the use of the flash technology and it supports the possibility of sharing the song through the social networks (Facebook).

A new presentation for the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

04. 11. 2009

A new presentation for the Clarion Congress Hotel PragueWDF – Web Design Factory has developed the new website for the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, The first phase of the project has been launched on October 20. The new presentation focuses predominantly on the hotel image, presenting its high standard and the wide scale of the services offered.

Creative Campaign for Allianz Direct

09. 10. 2009

Creative Campaign for Allianz DirectWDF – Web Design Factory has continued creation of the interactive campaigns for all three main online products of Allianz Direct – automobile insurance, travel insurance, and proprietary and liability insurance even in this year.

Acne Revenge – an Enjoyable Application at the Facebook

23. 09. 2009

Acne Revenge – an Enjoyable Application at the FacebookWDF – Web Design Factory prepared and launched the enjoyable application “Acne Revenge” for the company Walmark, particularly the product Acneon "Acne Revenge". Our agency was assigned to create viral-potential communication aimed at teenagers.

New Website for Magnesia

18. 09. 2009

New Website for MagnesiaWDF – Web Design Factory created a new website presentation for Karlovarské Minerální Vody, a.s. The website is the first realized part of a complex project we are preparing for our client. It will be followed by websites for the products of Aquila and Mattoni.

10 years of WDF´s anniversary

11. 09. 2009

10 years of WDF´s anniversaryWhen the name “Internet“ appeared in 1987, nobody expected that more than a billion people would use it actively ten years later… When three well coordinated internet enthusiasts established the WDF agency in 1999, hardly anybody expected that the WDF projects would connect virtually millions of people from all over the world ten years later…

WDF Teambuilding

01. 09. 2009

WDF TeambuildingIn the days of 28 – 29 August traditional corporate teambuilding took place again in the WDF – Web Design Factory. This time the main topic of the event were the Ten Commandments – consisted of ten original tasks awaiting everybody of us. Number 10 was not chosen accidentally, as the tenth anniversary of our company establishment is falling on this year.

New look of the application Moje televize (My Television)

23. 06. 2009

New look of the application Moje televize (My Television)WDF – Web Design Factory, s.r.o. has created the new website for the company GENIUS MEDIA s.r.o. This project offers a unique system of establishment and administration of a portfolio of any amount of web televisions with one or more channels. The unique feature is possible personalization of the user interface that is able to adapt at the most to its operator’s corporate identity.

New Comics Campaign on Google Chrome

05. 06. 2009

New Comics Campaign on Google ChromeThe company WDF – Web Design Factory, has developed a pure local comics campaign for Czech Google on the new browser Google Chrome. The campaign is called A New Way On To The Internet and introduces, through three different versions, the browser’s main benefits which are speed, simplicity and security.

Elements in Allianz Direct banners

20. 04. 2009

Elements in Allianz Direct bannersWDF – Web Design Factory prepared a campaign for the Allianz Direct online liability and property insurance. In the new campaign we let ourselves be inspired by actual elements, which may threaten our property and transferred them into the online environment. On the Internet, one can this way encounter burnt or flooded banners, which fortunately were insured at Allianz Direct.

Hotel Bellevue’s New Website

15. 04. 2009

Hotel Bellevue’s New WebsiteWDF – the Web Desing Factory has developed a new website for the Bellevue Hotel in Český Krumlov. The new presentation focuses primarily at the image which should be in line with the high standard of the Hotel. A lot of information and pictures of the hotel, as well as of the town of Český Krumlov and its vicinity, go without saying.

Copy General’s New Website

14. 04. 2009

Copy General’s New WebsiteWDF – the Web Desing Factory has developed a new website for the company Copy General, ltd - The presentation pays special attention to a maximum transparency and easy orientation in the wide offer of the company. The definition of the main areas utilizes segment navigation with special colour distinctions and we also set up lots of links between individual products and product groups.

Allianz Direct with WDF in the new year

11. 03. 2009

Allianz Direct with WDF in the new yearFruitful cooperation between WDF and Allianz Direct continues in 2009 as well. WDF has been preparing a creative concept, design and production of new campaigns for online insurance. Again, the first wave focuses on the car insurance as well as on new possibilities how to get a bonus for up to three cars in MTPL insurance.

Addressed promotion of Google Chrome

10. 03. 2009

Addressed promotion of Google ChromeWDF continues to cooperate with Google Česká republika in the new year as well. As a creative agency, WDF prepares a communication solution for the Czech market, partner projects and online campaigns for Google. Now, it is e.g. Google Chrome campaign. on shortlist of Louskáček Award

10. 03. 2009 on shortlist of Louskáček AwardWDF has been again shortlisted to Louskáček Award, now thanks to special online project in the category Websites/Microsites. is an entertainment website with an original interactive tool for mouse drawing - drawing chat.

WDF skis with McDonalds

16. 02. 2009

WDF skis with McDonaldsFor OMD medium agency and its client McDonalds CR we have created an interactive banner with an enjoyable ski game to support the campaign “Cheese Season in McDonalds“. Interest in the game, represented in figures, has surpassed all expectations.

Zlatá Pecka for WDF

03. 02. 2009

Zlatá Pecka for WDFWDF – Web Design Factory obtained yet another appraisal of its work, Zlatá Pecka for 2008 this time. In category microsite, Project developed for Stock Plzeň a.s. has won in a keen competition

Golf 24 with WDF

26. 01. 2009

Golf 24 with WDFWDF – Web Design Factory has developed a new website for the company Golf 24 Promotion s.r.o. The modern website in a ”golf“ design not only presents the company, but also serves for registration for golf tournaments or for reservation of a golf tour.

Technology Fast 500 EMEA

11. 12. 2008

Technology Fast 500 EMEA Prague, Czech Republic, 5.12.2009 - WDF – Web Design Factory today announced that it ranked Number 488 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2008 a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in EMEA. Rankings are based on percentage revenue growth over five years. WDF – Web Design Factory grew 344,3 % percent during this period.

WDF´s Great Success in the International Competition Computer Space

18. 11. 2008

WDF´s Great Success in the International Competition Computer Space This year WDF – Web Design Factory participated in the international competition Computer Space that, among others, rates web projects, for the first time. We sent in 3 particular projects and they were placed first and second! The new portal and the microsite for Fernet Stock were successful.

Dream Holiday with WDF

11. 11. 2008

Dream Holiday with WDFIn November the company Nestlé Česko, s r.o. started a new competition with the Orion products – Koko, Margot and Bananas in Chocolate – for the CR and the SR. It introduces the competition rules and attractive prizes, which are exotic tours, in an unconventional form on the website that was set up completely, including creativity, in WDF.

WDF´s Great Success on WebTop100

09. 11. 2008

WDF´s Great Success on WebTop100We have again succeeded in several lines of this year’s WebTop100, a prestigious competition for the best national web presentations. The news-on-the-market website, produced for Stock Plzeň - Božkov s.r.o., created on the basis of the assignment of the company Outbreak, won the category microsite.

Technology Fast 50

30. 10. 2008

Technology Fast 50On 15.10.2008 the ceremonial announcement of the winners of the competition Technology Fast 50, which was organized by the company Deloitte for the ninth time, took place at the hotel Palace Praha. WDF has reached a great success, placing in this prestigious rating already for the fourth time, and again in the highest position within the frame of its specialization.

VKV has its web site

23. 10. 2008

VKV has its web siteVKV got a present for a new school year – its own web site set up in WDF – Web Design Factory. The site was launched together with a new series of the serial which has got also a new image

The victorious concept for Karlovarské minerální vody

15. 10. 2008

The victorious concept for Karlovarské minerální vodyWDF – Web Design Factory has won the selection procedure for execution of a complex project encompassing three websites, all under the auspices of the company Karlovarské minerální vody; in particular, for the products Mattoni, Magnesia, and Aquila. The project starts with the creation of the particular microsites in support of advertising campaigns, such as

YouTube learned Czech!

10. 10. 2008

YouTube learned Czech!WDF – Web Design Factory participated in the preparation process of introducing the Czech version of YouTube to the market. Within the scope of collaboration with Google Czech Republic, we prepared a special set of promotion videos and partook in creating the concept and production provisioning of a YouTube party which took place on October 9th in the club Mecca in Prague.

Partner channels on YouTube

10. 10. 2008

Partner channels on YouTubeWDF – Web Design Factory, within the frame of a long-lasting collaboration with Google Czech Republic, is preparing graphic designs of selected partner channels on YouTube.

WDF Teambuilding

01. 10. 2008

WDF TeambuildingOn September 29th, a long-awaited teambuilding rally of the entire company of WDF – Web Design Factory took place. The main theme of the event entitled “Pagan Pilgrimage” were, this time, the ancient heathen gods. Extreme conditions cement teams and that is why, naturally, neither challenging terrain climbing nor an appropriate dose of adrenalin, for instance in the form of zorbing, were left out.

Presentation of Transnational Company GCE

23. 09. 2008

Presentation of Transnational Company GCEA new website of a world leading producer of equipment designed for the usage of technical gases, the transnational company GCE Gas Control Equipment, has been created in WDF (Web Design Factory). The extraordinarily large project of the website encompasses both the corporate webpage and the Internet presentations of its particular national branch offices.

Google cooperates with WDF

03. 07. 2008

Google cooperates with WDFAgency WDF – Web Design Factory becomes one of the partner creative agencies of the Google in the Czech Republic.

AEGON Pension Supplementary Insurance Search

01. 07. 2008

AEGON Pension Supplementary Insurance Search As of 30/6, a new communication campaign for AEGON Insurance Company starts up and also a new microsite in support of the pension supplementary product will emerge. The whole concept of the campaign was originated and produced in WDF - Web Design Factory.

Unconventional presentation for NetGuard a.s.

01. 07. 2008

Unconventional presentation for NetGuard a.s.WDF – Web Design Factory prepared a new website of NetGuard,, devoted to implementation of projects on the field of IT Service Management, execution of safety technologies, monitoring and administration of heterogeneous environment and development of specialised customised applications.

The Orchard Ostrava

30. 06. 2008

The Orchard OstravaWDF – Web Design Factory prepared a new web of a developer project, The Orchard,,, of Red Group Company. It is a modern office and hotel complex ambitious to become a new centre of events in Ostrava, the atmosphere of which is dynamic and pleasant.

Viva Residence, housing for the hiring price

30. 06. 2008

Viva Residence, housing for the hiring price WDF – Web Design Factory, in cooperation with Quo s.r.o. agency completed a new web of Viva Residence, a developer project - The Offer of 162 apartments in six low-rise tenement houses in a quiet villa development of Čakovice.

Online marketing for Allianz Direct

03. 06. 2008

Online marketing for Allianz Direct WDF – Web Design Factory – has prepared a creative solution, design and production of a new on-line campaign of Allianz Direct company. The campaign has been strongly presented in on-line media since March and it proceeds in three waves of communication. Currently, the third wave of the campaign is coming up to present primarily the speed of the Allianz Direct new on-line application.

New Web Presentation for Starcom MediaVest Group

19. 05. 2008

New Web Presentation for Starcom MediaVest GroupWDF – Web Design Factory – has made up a new web for the Czech representation of SMV Group, a supranational media group. Also, a special presentation for SMV Digital division that deals with the online media was prepared.

PaySec- New way of payment for ČSOB

13. 05. 2008

PaySec- New way of payment for ČSOBWDF – Web Design Factory participated in development and set-off of a new way of ČSOB service shown on In our company, we have designed and developed logotype PaySec and CI brand mark manual, we have prepared the design and ergonomy of PaySec payment system and provided a support for implementation.

Trip to space with Virgin Galactic

08. 04. 2008

Trip to space with Virgin GalacticWDF – Web Design Factory created a web presentation for Typ Agency which has become the exclusive dealer of the trips into space operated by the company Virgin Galactic. The web presentation is accessible at The video located at the website will introduce you to the whole story waiting for you if you decide to take a peek into outer space.

Allianz Direct Online Campaign

13. 03. 2008

Allianz Direct Online CampaignWDF – Web Design Factory has prepared a creative concept and design of a new online campaign of Allianz Direct. The campaign starting in March presents the advantages of online car insurance by means of a clear and simple message.

Fernet Stock 8000

11. 03. 2008

Fernet Stock 8000Stock Plzeň a.s. presents its revolutionary innovation on the market of spirits, Fernet Stock 8000. On, a new interactive project was started and introduced the product in an unconventional way enabling to share experiences and contributions of participants of events.

Brand New Dení

06. 02. 2008

Brand New Deník.czWDF – Web Design Factory has created, on behalf of the company Vltava-Labe-Press, Inc., a new appearance of the news portal Dení (, and of its 73 regional version, such as . The brand new design of Deník online is now more lucid, and brings a lot of new interactive features.

Nescafé Classic

11. 01. 2008

Nescafé ClassicOn 11 January Nestlé Czech, s r.o. starts a new competition for the Czech and Slovak Republic presenting Nescafé Classic. On and, it will introduce the rules of the competition and attractive winnings in an untraditional way (tea kettles and Koryna kitchens).

Technology Fast 500 EMEA

03. 12. 2007

Technology Fast 500 EMEA Our company has obtained another appreciation. After the success in Technology Fast 50 assessment, we took up the 224th place of the 500 companies valued as the best one at the Technology Fast 500 declaration. The competition was comparing results of technology companies of entire Europe and Central and East Africa.

Credoma New Web Presentation

08. 11. 2007

Credoma New Web PresentationWDF – Web Design Factory developed a new website for Credoma a.s., a financial company, The modern fresh design of the site is primarily a step towards the users, to good clear arrangement and to ergonomics.


01. 11. 2007

WebTop100The success of our clients was distinguished in this year list of web presentation, in WebTop100. In the main list, presentation of Poštovní spořitelna, a.s, ( was on the 6th place (the 2nd place in the line of finance) in the food industry and gastronomy, Hamé a.s. ( was awarded the first prize. Also other clients were appraised.

Technology Fast 50

18. 10. 2007

Technology Fast 50The results of Technology Fast 50 competition held by Deloitte were festively announced in the residential spaces of the Municipal Library in Prague. Traditionally, WDF – Web Design Factory achieved the best place in orientation of the branch. Within the region of Central and East Europe, we have attained the 16th place while within the Czech Republic; we have been in the 4th place.

You Only Live Once!

05. 09. 2007

You Only Live Once!Staropramen has come up with a method, which enables it to effectively communicate with its target group and which is still not very widely used in our country. At the website, it launched a new interactive project known as micro-blogging. This new generation of blogging has already become popular abroad. It makes it possible to forward the users’ posts immediately to other friends, even to their mobile phones.

New Websites of Springer Media

31. 08. 2007

New Websites of Springer MediaWDF – Web Design Factory created three Internet portals for Springer Media CZ, s.r.o., a member of the Springer Science + Business Media publishing group, one of the leading publishers in the global market of professional publications, for the following major media outlets:,,

Different View of finance

01. 08. 2007

Different View of financeAt WDF – Web Design Factory, two visually distinct and mutually interconnected websites were created for Partners – a corporate website and an online financial magazine called Finmag. In accordance with the corporate philosophy of Partners, the created websites are not just another boring source of information from the world of finance.

Panther in a New Form

15. 07. 2007

Panther in a New FormWDF – Web Design Factory prepared a facelift for the website for a new beer of Budějovický Budvar. The beer itself is presented, along with the way in which it came into being and along with entertaining promotional events, in which everyone who will come to South Bohemia can participate.

Facelift for Orco

01. 07. 2007

Facelift for OrcoWDF – Web Design Factory created a new facelift for the main website of Orco. The modern and fresh design is primarily a step towards the users of the website and the clear layout and good ergonomics of the website.

Aegon Online Press Conference

21. 06. 2007

Aegon Online Press Conference We have created an original web solution for online press conferences on the occasion of introduction of a new AEGON pension fund to the market.

Poštovní spořitelna opens new i-Space

15. 05. 2007

Poštovní spořitelna opens new i-Space The successful internet project, an action-packed website offering fun not only to clients of Poštovní spořitelna, has a successor. Say goodbye to Maxlive and hello to i-Space. There’s certainly much to look forward to. breaks new ground

15. 05. 2007 breaks new ground Redesign and new content also the project, whose mission is to present the popular brand as a beer excelling with its taste and quality. And as is the custom, takes the bull by the horns. Well, not literally, so don’t look for any bulls running round the web. Still, users will be able to get to know the popular drink in a very unconventional way and in fact in depth.

The Fount of Health from WDF

23. 04. 2007

The Fount of Health from WDFThe traditional Czech brand, Pribináček, has been presented on a new website created by WDF – Web Design Factory. The custard Pribináček whets the children’s appetite (and bring a lot of other fun) also on the Internet.

Other Awards to WDF Projects

10. 04. 2007

Other Awards to WDF Projects The close co-operation of WDF – Web Design Factory and eBanka has produced rewards: satisfaction of not only the bank’s clients, but also experts. The new website of the most progressive electronic bank in the country has won the 3rd place in the Online category in the Zlatý středník competition.

“Bobík’s Kill Parade” on Louskáček Shortlist

01. 04. 2007

“Bobík’s Kill Parade” on Louskáček ShortlistJust like last year, when the “Bob and Dave” presentation for Budějovický Budvar was nominated, even this year a project supported by WDF, Web Design Factory, has been nominated for the prestigious award. Only Bob has turned into Bobík and a brewery has been replaced by an Internet portal.

Play football with Adidas!

19. 03. 2007

Play football with Adidas! WDF – Web Design Factory has developed for Adidas ČR an interactive football competition for a trip to the finals of the Masters League. Every football fan can play an online game at the address to put his football skills to the test.

Original Online Campaign For Canon

16. 03. 2007

Original Online Campaign For CanonWDF – Web Design Factory arranged an original online campaign for Canon, promoting new color office printers produced by this prominent member of the WDF client list. The WDF media plan focuses on direct relation with print links and web page formats, completed with context advertising.

Budějovický Budvar Has Its Leopard

14. 03. 2007

Budějovický Budvar Has Its LeopardTogether with the introduction of a new relished brand of beer, Pardál (Czech term for “Leopard”), WDF set up a new action website for Budějovický Budvar, n.p., at The full and bitter taste of Pardál has been created based on consumer preferences.

WDF Achieves CZK 33 Million in Sales

01. 03. 2007

WDF Achieves CZK 33 Million in SalesWDF – Web Design Factory reported the total sales of CZK 33 million in 2006, which represents a 40% increase compared with the previous year. Thus, a very successful year has been confirmed by another important indicator. WDF has been steadily growing since the company entered the market.

Portal in new look

23. 02. 2007

Portal in new lookAt the start of February the popular portal had a makeover. The author of this new solution is WDF – Web Design Factory, which co-operated closely with AWD Česká republika s.r.o., the portal’s operator.

The Best Electronic Bank in the Czech Republic Has a New Website

04. 01. 2007

The Best Electronic Bank in the Czech Republic Has a New WebsiteWith the coming of the New Year, eBanka, a.s. has introduced its new website presentation, which has replaced the previous, long-serving dark-blue website. The new website has been created in very close cooperation between the WDF - Web Design Factory and eBanka.

Mega Christmas with Karneval

11. 12. 2006

Mega Christmas with KarnevalWDF – Web Design Factory – produced for Karneval Media, a.s. a special competitive campaign for Christmas. You can send from pages Christmas greetings for free or order a bargain Internet connectivity pack and win great prizes.

The Best Technical Solution by WDF

22. 11. 2006

The Best Technical Solution by WDFWebTop 100 is a contest where the quality of website presentations of Czech companies is evaluated every year. In this contest, the website of Sophia Finance, which was completely created by WDF – Web Design Factory, was given the top ranking among the awards for technical solutions.

Campaign for Karneval by WDF

06. 11. 2006

Campaign for Karneval by WDFWDF - Web Design Factory has prepared a new on-line campaign "Cancel loading" for Karneval Media, s.r.o. The campaign that is going on in October and November, presents a clear advertising message and benefits of Karneval internet connection and is characteristic with its local targeting.

Successful on-line campaign of eBanka

01. 11. 2006

Successful on-line campaign of eBankaThe new on-line campaign of eBanka, a. s. "Don't pay fixed fees" is very successful again. Thanks to the use of suitable advertising formats, good targeting and high-quality media mix traditionally prepared for eBanka by WDF - Web Design Factory, the campaign goals were successfully achieved and high efficiency of the campaign ensured.

Technology Fast 50

30. 10. 2006

Technology Fast 50In the prestigious evaluation of Deloitte, WDF - Web Design Factory has again ranked very high. Among the most quickly growing technology companies, Technology Fast 50 for 2005, we have ranked 16 in the Central and Eastern Europe. In the Czech Republic, we have reached 4th place and in our industry, we have ranked as number one.

New online

18. 10. 2006

New onlineA new design of the portal made by WDF – Web Design Factory – is now online. A brand-new concept offering its users more content sorted under thematic tabs, it is a unique solution and not only in the Czech Republic.

Nicorette and WDF against smoking

10. 10. 2006

Nicorette and WDF against smokingWDF – Web Design Factory developed an interactive mobile application for Pfizer, s.r.o., aimed at helping smokers in their efforts to reduce smoking and, subsequently, quit smoking completely. The “Last cigarette” Java application is available on web at

When A Website Really Talks to You

29. 09. 2006

When A Website Really Talks to YouWDF - Web Design Factory, spol. s r. o. prepared an interactive insurance product guide for the insurance company AEGON Pojišťovna, a. s. It assists website visitors, i.e. insurance company's prospects, to select from the insurance offer.

New Current in Internet Communication

01. 09. 2006

New Current in Internet CommunicationDuring the summer months, we have intensively participated in the preparations for the entry of O2, a new telecommunications brand, into the Czech market. The new action portal O2 Active ( is based on the well-tried infotainment services of the Quick and Eurotel Live portals.

New website for COTY

01. 08. 2006

New website for COTYWDF - Web Design Factory has prepared a new web presentation called “LoveTrap” for its client COTY Česká republika, k. s., a company dealing with distribution of perfumes and cosmetic products under the brands ASTOR, RIMMEL London and Miss Sporty.

Corporate web of Hamé, a.s. by WDF

24. 07. 2006

Corporate web of Hamé, a.s. by WDFThe traditional Czech food producer, Hamé, a.s., has just presented its new website created by the agency WDF - Web Design Factory. The modern and dynamic presentation sets out in an extensive catalogue the entire product range of Hamé.

Facelift of the Poštovní spořitelna website

17. 07. 2006

Facelift of the Poštovní spořitelna websitePoštovní spořitelna, a member of the group CSOB, a.s., has carried out a facelift of its website. Its new, clearer and more attractive design was produced by the agency WDF - Web Design Factory.

New design for the Prague Stock Exchange

10. 07. 2006

New design for the Prague Stock ExchangeA full-service agency for interactive media, WDF (Web Design Factory) has produced a new ergonomic design for the web of the Prague Stock Exchange, which was launched in early July.

Train taste with Budvar

21. 06. 2006

Train taste with BudvarWDF – Web Design Factory has developed a new interactive campaign for its client Budějovický Budvar, n. p. It presents Budvar as beer that excels at taste and quality. The campaign titled “Train taste, not persistence, as …“ communicates its uniqueness and premium character.

eBanka covered portals

05. 06. 2006

eBanka covered portalseBanka, a. s. gets on with its original communication in interactive media. This time the campaign known as “Withdraw money from all ATMs of all banks in CR for CZK 6.90 only” has covered the title sites of selected internet portals. A clear advertising message works interactively also with the main function of the portals: the search box.

Bob and Dave on the Louskáček Shortlist

11. 04. 2006

Bob and Dave on the Louskáček ShortlistThe website presentation at for Budějovický Budvar, n. p. was nominated for Louskáček 2005 in the category of D1 - Interactive/Internet.

We have cooked a Good Ready-Made Meal!

04. 04. 2006

We have cooked a Good Ready-Made Meal!In the fourth year of the Czech Direct contest for the best direct marketing campaign of the year 2005, organized by the Association of Direct Marketing and Mail-Order Stores (ADMAZ), another of our projects received an award.

We are members of Asociace.BIZ

07. 03. 2006

We are members of Asociace.BIZWDF - Web Design Factory has become the twelfth member company of Asociace.BIZ, which associates the Internet solution providers in the Czech Republic. Asociace.BIZ requires its members to use the state-of-the-art technologies, to maintain financial stability and to provide complete solutions and services - Internet full-service.

Our effective solution

19. 12. 2005

Our effective solutionOur work on the Benefit Plus project (an electronic administration of employee elective benefits) has been awarded within the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2005, category B2B. Design project, Corporate Identity, and the www creation together with the application background have significantly contributed to the success of the whole solution.

We won

16. 11. 2005

We wonOur creative work for the Bob and Dave website has been recognised by Zlata Pecka for 2005 & rewarded with the prize. In this competition we obtained top prize for interactive formal in an exacting challenge for other medias.