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We are a full-service interactive media agency. Our thinking is conception-based, we benefit from our profound knowledge of the environment, and we create effective solutions. Whether we design advertising campaigns, web presentations or programme sophisticated web-based applications we never forget what is most important - what our effort brings to the client.

With every project, we exert maximum energy and enthusiasm and we strive to exceed all expectations. Each our creative design or solution is unique and it is based on an in-depth analysis of the needs and requirements of our clients. We believe in the power of interactive media.

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eBeton.cz - take a look at an encyclopaedia of concrete

eBeton.cz - take a look at an encyclopaedia of concrete
10. 03. 2010

For Svaz, makers of concrete in the Czech Republic, we created a non-traditional Internet portal ebeton.cz . Their goal was to publish basic information about the uses of concrete and its types. The portal is similar to an interactive encyclopaedia focused on this particular building material.

3D conference for Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
09. 03. 2010